Why won’t they share it with you? Because it requires you to do the exact opposite of what they get paid for, which is to get you to buy more stuff. When we look at pictures or posts of beautiful rooms that we wish we could live in, the ones that seem so perfect and well kept. They could be of any décor style but they all have one thing in common, there’s no clutter.

That’s right, the best and very first thing you should do if you want to bring out the beauty of your home is to declutter. What is clutter? We like the Marie Kondo definition, anything that doesn’t bring you joy or happiness. Those old magazines that you keep around because you might need to refer back to one of the articles, cut out the article, put it in a scrap book and throw the rest away. Better yet you can probably find that same article or a million others similar to it online. Google it and make a bookmark and file it in the “articles that I might need to refer back to but never will” folder. Once you’ve cleared the clutter be selective about the things you want to keep in the room.

Whether you are renting an apartment or you own a private island, we all have a place we call home. A place where you can close the door and leave the rest of the world outside. Home is where you can breathe freely, relax and just be yourself. We spend more time at home than you think. You owe it to yourself to make it a place that brings you joy and happiness.